Don't miss museum night!

23 May 2018 16:50 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

YARAT Contemporary Art Space will once again will prove that visiting museums can be an exciting experience.

Museums have long been a place for both entertainment and education.

To capture your interests and inspire your imaginations all YARAT related venues (including YARAT Centre, Azerbaijani Painting Museum and ARTIM Project Space) will open the doors on and abound with festive atmosphere on the Museum Night – "Conquer the Night" on May 26.


The night will be filled with exciting activities including “Be who you want to be” body art program and “Walking Etruscan sculptures”. 

In collaboration with “Azercosmos” company we have prepared a contest “Human or nature?”. The contest will take you on a journey to another universe, but you will have to come back to participate in the creation of a collective artworks stemming from your personal experience.

Later that night you’ll be watching a mesmerizing fire performance, a surprise performance by ADO Collective. Electronic music played by Nasa Mareena and Farhad Farzaliyev will crown the night.


You’ll be able to unleash your creativity and create your self-portrait with the use of flowers. 

Participants of the night will have a chance to see a fashion show by a local designer and collector Natavan Aliyeva, who will also deliver a talk on the subject of "How does fashion reflect our personality?"


If you drop by ARTIM, you’ll be immersed into the opening of exhibition by Mahalla collective under the same title. After the opening, the guests will be carried away by the rhythms of electronic music.


YARAT Centre




Special offers by Port Wine & Grill and MAYA Mexican Restaurant/La Vida restaurants – 19:00-22:00 (Seaside Boulevard)

ARTIM Project Space

The partners of the Museum night "Conquer the Night" event include Seaside Boulevard Department, “Azercosmos” LLC, Enoteca Meydan, Natavan Apparel, ADO Collective, Fleuriste flower boutique. YARAT also expresses gratitude to Port Wine & Grill and Maya/La Vida restaurant for special offer on the day of the event.


Laman Ismayilova  is AzerNews’ staff journalist, follow her on Twitter: @Lam_Ismayilova

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