Play-off stage: Azfar Business League [PHOTO]

7 May 2018 17:49 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

The group matches of Azfar Business League Spring Cup- ABL Cup 2017/18 mini-football have been held in Baku.

ABL Cup 2017/18 mini-football is a corporate tournament among Azerbaijani companies. The championship is held in the professional fields of the company Azfargroup. The event was organized by ASEP (Azfar Sport Events & Promotion), Trend Life reported.

Five Saturday matches from eight did not take place. The reason for this was the absence of the teams for various reasons. Kapital Bank and Silk Way Group refused to continue participating in the tournament, while ATL Tech, Gənclər və İdman Nazirliyi and Pullman Baku did not attend the matches. Thus, these teams received a technical defeat. The results of their matches are below:

Silk Way Group-Port of Baku 0-3

Buta Palace-ATL Tech 3-0

Kapital Bank-R.İ.S.K. Company 0-3

İteca Caspian LLC- Gənclər və İdman Nazirliyi 3-0

Smart Systems Technology-Pullman Baku 3-0.

This means that Port of Baku and R.İ.S.K. Company achieved their first victories in the tournament without the need to play in matches.

KATV1 with a score of 25-0 beat the GESCO team. Alasgar Alasgarov scored four goals, Hikmet Alasgarov three, while Jeyhun Huseynli and Khalig Huseynov scored five goals.

Khalig Huseynov also assisted nine goals and was the best player on the field. In the next stage in the match for 17-24 places KATV1 will meet with VTB, who beat TreMiDa Press with a score of 4-3. In this match, VTB managed to snatch victory from TreMiDa Press, thanks to goals scored in the last five minutes of the match.

The match Təhsil Nazirliyi-Optimal was also remembered by an interesting game. More experienced team Təhsil Nazirliyi achieved victory over the opponent with a score of 5-4. Despite another defeat, Optimal once again proved that it deserves respect and praise.

The strongest 16 teams joined the fight for the Spring Cup on May 6.

This game day was marked by interesting and intense matches.

Təmiz şəhər-Gilan Holding 3-2.  In the second half of the match, both teams scored one goal and the main time of the match ended in a draw 1-1.

Then, the teams played two extra times,  each of five minutes .

In each of the extra time periods, Təmiz şəhər scored one goal and made the score to 3-. Gilan Holding managed to win back only one of these goals.

Azersun-City Taxi 5-2.  The score in the match was opened by City Taxi and went on break with advantage leading in the score 1-2. But Azersun scored the necessary number of goals and went to the ¼ finals.  The players of Azersun team Eyyub Efendiyev scored two goals and approached his rival in the race scorer Ilham Efendiyev. Thus, Eyub Efendiyev scored 49 goals in 11 matches in AZFAR Autumn and Spring Cups.

Az Logistika-TİMSPORT 5-8. Az Logistika twice came forward, but then missed 6 goals. Goals  for TİMSPORT were scored  by the players who came on the replacement - a hat-trick performed Orhan Huseynov and Nurlan Mehtizade.

Polat Yol-Bakcell 7-2.  Polat Yol team spent the entire match at a high pace and achieved a major victory. Nagi Nagiyev made a hat-trick.

Embawood-Muğanbank 3-7. These teams already met last year in the 1/8 finals of the Autumn cup. In that match, Muğanbank beat the opponent with a score of 7-4. Embawood, who completed the group stage with three victories, intended to take revenge.

But they managed to resist a strong opponent in just 29 minutes. Up to that time, the score of the match was 2-2 and Embawood fought on an equal footing with the bankers. Then, Muğanbank took the initiative, began to dominate the field and 5 times forced the opponent to take the ball out of the net.  Finally, the player of Muğanbank Vasif Nasirov scored three goals.

Azecolab-Universal 2-8.  Confrontation of the finalist of the Autumn cup- Azecolab and the bronze medalist Universal team. Thanks to quick goals on the 6th and 7th minutes, Azecolab came forward 2-0. Missed goals seriously "angered" Universal. The team scored eight goals.

Three of these goals were scored by Khatai Bagirov, who for the first time entered the field in this tournament. Thus, the meeting of two strong teams ended in an unexpected defeat.

Gate Baku-Azərkosmos 2-1.Proceeding in the 1/8 finals, Azərkosmos lost to Gate Baku with a minimum difference of 2-1. The first half of the meeting ended in a draw 1-1 and the victorious goal of Gate Baku in the 33rd minute was scored by the best scorer of the tournament at the moment Ilham Babayev.

Azergold-DDLAR Group 7-0. Azergold, who took 27th place in the Autumn Cup, continues to amaze with a confident performance in the Spring Cup. In the 1/8 finals, Azergold did not leave any chances for DDLAR Group and scored 7 goals. With two goals and two assists, Vusal Nasirov was the most active player on the field.

So, eight teams, will compete for main trophy of the tournament. The matches will be held between Təmiz Şəhər-Azərsun, TİMSPORT-Polat Yol, Muğanbank-Universal, Gate Baku-Azərgold.

Five teams, making their way to the ¼ finals, took first in their groups, and three teams - second places.

Muğanbank and Universal met each other last year in the ¼ finals of the Autumn Cup and then Universal won with a score 6-2.

Teams that came out in 1/8 finals from groups A, C and D lost all their matches and lost the opportunity to fight for the cup.

The most interesting moments of the matches and interviews of the play-off stage will be broadcasted on Thursday at 00:00 on ATV channel.

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