Agriculture Ministry to present mobile software for farmers

7 March 2018 14:44 (UTC+04:00)

By Rashid Shirinov

Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Ministry is developing a mobile application for agricultural producers, said head of the office at the Ministry Ilham Bayramov.

He noted that it will be a so-called technological map for growing plants.

“The application’s functionality will allow landowners to independently calculate and evaluate the sowing activities. For example, how to plow the land, what is necessary for sowing wheat, or how to sow seeds,” Bayramov told Trend on March 6.

Having specified the sowing area, ‚Äčand choosing a plant variety in the mobile application, it will be possible to receive an estimation of all stages of work and calculate the amount of investments and the expected income.

“We believe that this application will be put into operation by the middle of the year,” Bayramov noted.

Moreover, the Agriculture Ministry also introduced new tools for mobile platforms development, which are available for developers on the portal. Several applications have already been developed based on these tools.

These are AGRO (FERM), AgroUnion and VetPro App. The AGRO (FERM) platform allows agricultural producers to offer their products and services. AgroUnion, in turn, is aimed at applying technological innovations to the development of agriculture, whereas the VetPro App allows farmers, livestock keepers and zoo managers to obtain detailed information on artificial insemination and search for veterinarians.

“These applications will be publicly available after their functionality evaluation by experts from the Agriculture Ministry and the Information and Computing Center,” he noted.

It is noteworthy that both the agriculture and ICT spheres of Azerbaijan have been experiencing rice in recent years, and thanks to such mobile applications, it will be possible to enhance and continue the spheres’ development.

Every year, the Ministry allocates subsidies to local agricultural producers of various cultivated crops, and the President of Azerbaijan attaches particular importance to this issue. He has recently signed an order on additional measures to ensure intensive development of crop production with a view to stimulate the agricultural production in the country.

As for the Information and Communication Technology, it is considered to be one of the crucial spheres for the further development of Azerbaijani economy and an integral part of the economic and political reforms which are currently implemented in the country. This sector has intensively developed in the country over the past years. Creating and developing of the e-government system, expanding the broadband internet services, launching the telecommunication and low-orbit satellites, and many other steps are the evidence of Azerbaijan’s success in this sphere.


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