Health authorities stay alert against flu

22 February 2018 12:32 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

As we enter the thick of winter, now is the time to really focus on staying healthy. There is a sharp rise in the incidence of flu in many countries.

New flu epidemic outbreaks in Azerbaijan and doctors say that recovery from this viral disease usually takes 10-15 days, reported.

The Allergista and pulmonologist Elaza Mikayilzade said that she also suffers from this virus more than one month. 

“The virus spreading in Azerbaijan is an adenovirus infection of acute respiratory diseases. It usually affects children between 6 month and 5 years, adults and elderly people, especially patients with chronic illness,” said the doctor.

The low and upper respiratory tract and mucous membranes of the eyes are damage by conjunctivitis. Inflammation and growth of cerebellum and lymph nodes, myocarditis, bronchitis, angina, sinusitis are also observed.

The virus is very durable. It can be killed by using ultraviolet lamp. For recovery, patients should stay at home two weeks. 

Infectious disease can be spread from one person to another. The virus is secreted from the body through the throat and feces. The virus is dangerous 3-4 weeks. Antibiotic treatment from adenovirus is wrong at the beginning of the treatment period.

The physician advises the patients to rid their houses from any flu germs. Patients should clean their houses, wash towels and to air habitable rooms.

The treatment should by all means begin as soon as possible. Remember that traditional medicine won't help you in this case. Wear facemask both at home and outside to prevent the spread of flu. 

However, new virus isn't the only thing we need to concern. All necessary measures are taken to prevent the flu epidemic spread from Russia.

The representative of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Healthcare Safaya Ahmadova told Trend that many border health measures are implemented to prevent international spread of the disease. Regular checks are carried out at border crossings. The relevant organizations are informed of the immediate isolation of patients in case of such suspicion. Control over anti-epidemic and disinfection measures is strengthened in medical institutions.

Ahmadova stressed that in general, the epidemiological situation in Azerbaijan is stable.

Although the country has recorded cases of infection with acute respiratory viral infections, the number of such cases decreased by about 10 percent compared with last year. Until now, during the checks in the Anti-Plague Station, no influenza viruses have been detected.

“So far, we have not detected an influenza virus spread from Russia or other countries but it would be good if people would be careful when visiting places where diseases are common. If there are suspicious signs, people should visit the healthcare institutions,” she added. 


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