South region's indigenous delicacy to be featured at festival

5 December 2017 17:24 (UTC+04:00)

By Aygul Salmanova

Lankaran, an amazing pearl of the south of Azerbaijan and one of the most beautiful places of the country, holds preparations for an amazing tea, paddy, and citrus fruits festival considered to be the best delicacies of the region.

Speaking at the meeting dedicated to the preparation to the event, Taleh Garashov, Head of the City Executive Power, spoke about preparations for the festival. He emphasized the importance of mobilizing all forces for timely and quality implementation of the measures.

Deputy Head of City Executive Power, Head of Public Policy and Humanitarian Affairs Department Rasila Aliyeva informed about the implementation of the "Action Plan" for preparation for the festival of tea, paddy and citrus fruits.

Lankaran is truly one of the most picturesque corners of Azerbaijan. It is favorably distinguished from other cities by its excellent climate. Due to the special composition of the soil, good harvests of vegetable and citrus crops are grown here.

If you ask an Azerbaijani about the most fruitful region of his country, he will probably name Lankaran. The agriculture of the region is mostly known for its citrus and subtropical fruit-growing, and it is no coincidence that Lankaran is called the land of citrus plants, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, pomelo and others.

True miracles of nature are waiting for everyone who will visit this part of Azerbaijan. Most people would think: what is unusual about the bushes of tea? This is how many of the guests of the country think until they step on the ground of Lankaran and see the endless plantations of tea bushes.

Tea plantations in the valleys of Lankaran await guests who can enjoy the magnificent scenery, the beauty of the mountains and valleys, the cordiality and hospitality of the locals. And be sure to taste Azerbaijani tea, which will give cheerfulness and health.

Lankaran is still famous for its paddy production. The fragrant Lankaran rice has been the most valuable food for locals for centuries. Rice products of ‘Sadri’, ‘Anbarbu’, ‘Hashemi’, ‘Hasani’, ‘Akulya’ and other sorts of rice are distinguished with their aroma, taste and abundance.

Currently, the state support to the agrarian sector in Lankaran has also created enormous opportunities for the development of rodents living in the recession for a long time. If some 101 hectares area had been planted with paddy planted in the region in 2015, last year this figure doubled to 308.7 hectares. In the current year about 500 hectares are planted in the region, the figure is expected to double in the future.


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