Kenny Belaey explores "Land of the Bulls" [PHOTO/VIDEO]

11 October 2017 13:42 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

Kenny Belaey, known for his road bike cycling tricks, has went to Azerbaijan to conquer the rocks of Gobustan, unique for their ancient petroglyphs and charming atmosphere. 

His new video "Land of the Bulls"  was premiered on October 10, 2017, Trend Life reported.

New features cycling champion  riding his bike across Azerbaijan's landmark.

The video was filmed together with Azerbaijan Culture and Tourism Ministry and the National Bureau for the Promotion of Tourism.

In the story, Kenny is dreaming about how he tries on the character of the caveman living there and doing the engravings on the rocks. He also dreams of riding the rocks of Gobustan.

“A week riding rocks of Gobustan has been quite hectic. We got permission to ride around this ancient area and it was very inspiring. Despite we were not allowed to ride on all of the rocks, because ancient carvings are preserved by the government, it was an amazing experience. Bath in one of the acting mud volcanoes and the possibility to meet some of the very dangerous snakes, spiced it up even more,” Kenny Belaey said.

Gobustan is home to one of the world's largest ancient petroglyphs collections. Settled since the 8th millennium BC, the area contains more than 600,000 distinct paintings, going as far back as 20,000 years to as recent as 5,000 years ago. 

The project is called "Land Of the Bulls" because of the history of the word "Gobustan".

Historians have several opinions on its origin and meaning. In the ancient language - Gavistan - means the Bull's Edge. This is also confirmed by the fact that wild bulls lived on its territory in ancient times, as it evidenced by the multiple petroglyphs of these animals.

The Belgian trial biker has been 10 years the world leader in his sport.

One of the world's best trials bikers  gathered countless titles and is the World record holder of most official UCI medals with 4 wins at elite world championships, 5 wins at the Junior and Cadet world championships, 6 overall Elite World cup wins and 3 Elite European titles.

Kenny is always proactive in promoting his sponsors and his sport as well. The last couple of years Kenny has been traveling extensively to perform shows all over the world, making appearances on TV and working with photographers and journalists to create trial features for the world’s leading bike and sports magazines.


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