State Internet provider launches Secure Internet service

17 August 2017 13:07 (UTC+04:00)

By Rashid Shirinov

Secure Internet service will be available to users of the state Internet service provider BakinterNet in September, a source in the telecommunication market of Azerbaijan told Trend on August 17.

The source said that details of the implementation of this service are being worked out. They will give users the opportunity of filtering unwanted Internet content.

This will allow to protect the younger generation from the influence of inappropriate websites by restricting access to them. These are web pages with adult content, gambling, profanity, information that promote violence, and other web resources. Users will be granted access only to trusted Internet websites which have been filtered and are have only useful information.

Currently, the content filtering service is available to users of the public Internet service provider AztelecomNet, and is promoted under the name "SAF - safe Internet."

In Azerbaijan, with over 9.8 million people, about 77 percent of the population has an internet connection.

Today, children start their acquaintance with high technology and the Internet from early infancy. Adults should realize both physiological and psychological danger of the Internet and all the means to access it.

Earlier, the Teaching and Innovation Center of the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS reported it will create a center of child safety on the Internet. The Center will be engaged in an intellectual analysis of the obtained information, thus playing an important role in solving this problem.


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