"Black Brilliant" meets his fans after magnificent victory [VIDEO]

3 November 2016 17:10 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijani karate fighter has become the fife-time world champion making a brilliant move in his career.  

Rafael Aghayev became a world champion for the fifth time at the Karate World Championships in Linz, Austria, after he defeated his Hungarian, Dutch, Uzbek, Armenian, Iranian and Egyptian rivals.

Rafael Aghayev, nicknamed “Brilliant of the world karate”, met with his fans after his magnificent victory in Australia.

Hundreds of people gathered for an autograph session with Karate's biggest star, whose name has been forever inscribed in the history of the world sport.

Speaking about the tournament, Aghayev said that he had to fight hard to take the top medal of the tournament.

"The fight was very difficult. My first opponent was Hungarian. Last time, we faced at the European Championship where he won with a score of 1:0. But this time the score was 3:2 in my favor. My third fight was with Armenian sportsman. It was easy and difficult at the same time due to huge responsibility conferred upon me. I wanted not only win this fight, but also crush my opponent," said the athlete.

Semi-finals turned out the hardest challenge for Aghayev as he got injured in the first seconds of the fight.

Despite warnings by doctors, he continued fighting, because his only goal was the title of champion.

"The semi-finals were the hardest game to me. Iranian opponent was at the very young age. I won with a score of 3:0. However, I injured my eyes as the fight began. Therefore, it became difficult for me to attack the rival, but I claimed the victory," he added.

As to his magnificent victory, Aghayev believes that a person can achieve everything that he wants in life.

"A person can achieve everything that he wants. I dedicate this victory to Azerbaijan and my family. I'll continue bringing victory," said Aghayev.

With regards to future plans, the karate's star said he was invited to play in Saudi Arabia's Al Ahly Sporting Club. Despite the change of clubs, Aghayev is still devoted to his county and will continue to honorably represent Azerbaijan at international area.

This is not the only offer that came to the Azerbaijani sportsman.

"I have signed a two-year contract  with "Adidas". Under the agreement, I'm supposed to wear their brand. I received the proposal to renew the contract for four years," he said.

Karate fighter also spoke his expectation about Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

"A number of athletes want to participate in the Olympiad. I'm going not only to participate but also to take the gold medal. Perhaps then I will leave sports. But the karate is my life. I'll be devoted to karate till my last breath," he said.

He also expressed his desire to play in the film until the end of his sporting career.

"I want to star in the film. I had only two wishes in my life-to become a director or a football player. I hadn't yet received such proposal from Azerbaijan. Only once, I was invited to play a small role in film "Don't be afraid, I'm with you".  If anyone invites me to play in the film, I'll say yes," he added.



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