RIA system to be introduced in Azerbaijan

21 September 2016 14:26 (UTC+04:00)

By Nigar Abbasova

The introduction of the system of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) in Azerbaijan is believed to have a positive impact on the development of business environment in the country.

RIA, a document created before a new government regulation is introduced, permits to determine the consequences of a planned regulation, providing valid arguments supporting it.

Executive Director of the Center for Analysis and Communication of Economic Reforms, Vusal Gasimli said that the instrument will allow to assess the influence of a given law on the development of business, attraction of local and foreign investments, and social environment of the country.

He mentioned that the country is interested in the development of RIA system, as well as in the training of professional personnel in the sphere.

RIA, which is done whenever an adopted decision involves a state intervention and carried out before a draft law is written, is able to underpin the capacity of government to ensure that regulations are efficient and effective.

Gasimli said that the method has received approval in most of the countries, therefore its introduction is of great importance for the improvement of business climate in Azerbaijan. He added that comprehensive economic reforms are currently underway in Azerbaijan.

The system, which is considered to be an important element of an evidence-based approach to policy making has no universally recognized methods and practices of implementation.

Some three groups of countries are currently differentiated within the system, including those where the system is used in case of the passing an act, which envisages budgetary expenditures (the USA and Canada), those where the system is applied in reference to all regulatory documents (the UK and Netherlands) and those where RIA is used should its reasonability is evident (South Korea, Czechia).   


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