Putin: Russia seeks to restore full-fledged ties with Turkey [UPDATE]

16 August 2016 14:33 (UTC+04:00)

By Gunay Hasanova

Moscow and Ankara left the crisis chapter behind and two countries are willing to cooperate in full-fledged scope.

Russia is sincerely seeking to restore full-fledged relations with Turkey, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on August 16, RIA Novosti reported.

“We are sincerely seeking to restore full-fledged relations with friendly Turkey, a country unique cooperation and interaction relations with have developed over the past years,” Putin said at a meeting with his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev in Sochi, Russia.

Moreover, Russian president Putin stressed that the countries made a progress in developing bilateral relations as well.

“The last visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Russia confirmed our mutual intention for a full-fledged work regarding not only restoration, but also development of our bilateral relations,” he said.

In addition, he also thanked Nazarbayev for his mediation in repairing the relations between Moscow and Ankara r.

 “You mentioned the restoration of Russian-Turkish relations. In this regard, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have undertaken to mediate. As it can be seen, it was successful,” Putin said at a meeting with Nazarbayev in Russian city of Sochi.

Nazarbayev in turn noted that he was glad to help restore the relations between Turkey and Russia, as this issue had an influence on Kazakhstan as well.

The crisis in relations between the two countries began after the incident with the downed Russian plane. After the incident, the Russian president signed a decree on measures to ensure national security and launch special economic measures against Turkey.

The first meeting of Russian and Turkish presidents, aiming to restore the cracked relations after the crisis was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on August 9.

The negotiations resulted in resetting the Moscow-Ankara relations after the downed Su-24 incident.

This was Erdogan’s first visit to Russia after the crisis in the two countries’ relations and also after the attempted military coup in Turkey.


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