“Polonez” rocket complex to further strengthen Azerbaijan’s military potential [PHOTO]

Azerbaijan and Belarus continue to increase cooperation in the military-technical sphere, thereby enhancing the level of strategic partnership, and the new type of “Polonez” weapons will further strengthen the military potential of Azerbaijan, Belarusian analyst Yuri Shevtsov told Trend, commenting on the recent deliveries of the “Polonez” operational tactical complex to Azerbaijan.
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Ordukhan Teymurkhan is foreign intelligence agent - sensational and credible facts (Second Part)

The beginning of Ordukhan Babirov's career at the 98th air division of the Soviet troops in Ukraine can't be considered accidental. In that period, Azerbaijanis were rarely allowed to serve in the elite troops of the Soviet army. The Azerbaijanis could not even come close to such “mysterious” places; the army used to send our compatriots mainly to the so-called "stroybats" (construction battalion) or other non-combat units.
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