Hair and Skin care when temperature falls

Cold winter air can create havoc for your soft skin and hair, especially in Baku where cold winds relentlessly blowing on your face. For many people, those cold, clear days of the capital’s winter bring more than just a blush on the cheeks, but also bring uncomfortable dryness to the face, hands and hair.
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Tips to raise caring and healthy kids

A lot of parents are already tired of hearing that modern technology is spoiling their children. They get streams of information about the latest methods and strategies how to educate their kids in digital age. However, no matter to what extend the progress has gone far, there are several time-tested simple tips that will help to grow a good, confident and mentally healthy child.
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Got a sunburn ? Here is what to do

Many of us have gone a little too far in order to get a nice sun tan. Nobody is perfect and sunburn can happen. However, it is important to take it serious and stop it from happening again. Your risk for melanoma doubles if you have had more than five sunburns.
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