Simple ways to boost your willpower

Many people believe that they don't have a willpower. For example, women promise themselves to go to the gym and eat right, but after a couple of days they fail and start eating junk food. Men who have tried everything to quit smoking return to their bad habit.
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Toxic people to avoid at all costs!

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already filled with those who want to bring you down..." This one is perfect quote for all of those people out there who wants to finally break toxic ties to people and don't feel guilty.
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Another masterpiece of Azerbaijan's cuisine: yummy Qutab

Tasting Azerbaijan’s food is one of the ways of consuming the country's ancient history. A slurp of Dushbara or a bite of Dolma is the best way reflecting the life of ancient Azerbaijani people and their rich cuisine. One of such dishes, Qutab, is definitely among the most popular representatives of the country’s cuisine having an abundance of diverse national meals.
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