Another masterpiece of Azerbaijan's cuisine: yummy Qutab

Tasting Azerbaijan’s food is one of the ways of consuming the country's ancient history. A slurp of Dushbara or a bite of Dolma is the best way reflecting the life of ancient Azerbaijani people and their rich cuisine. One of such dishes, Qutab, is definitely among the most popular representatives of the country’s cuisine having an abundance of diverse national meals.
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Using hazelnut as a fuel [VIDEO]

Hazelnut, widely known as a European crop used to make sweets and healthy cooking oils, may have even bigger potential as a bio-fuel thanks to their shells. Hazelnut shell, actively used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as fertilization are considered to be an alternative fuel source.
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Temperature and work performance

The internal balance of the human body largely depends on external conditions. The microclimate of the room, in which a person is for a long time, plays an essential role in the formation of immunity, efficiency and the ability to comfortably relax.
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