U.S. expert Richard Rasmussen conducts business workshops in Azerbaijan.

Silicon Valley business expert and investor Richard Rasmussen, a lecturer on Entrepreneurship at both UC Berkeley and Stanford University, is visiting Azerbaijan from June 26-30 to speak to participants from local incubators at the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and several local universities about how to solve startup ecosystem challenges.
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Azerbaijan's mobile communication operator to raise Internet tariff within campaigns

The 10 Gb Internet package will cost 12 manats in Azerbaijan from July 3 in connection with the changes made to the conditions of such campaigns as "Sim-Sim Data Number from Azercell", "Data Number from Azercell-2017", "10 Gb = 10 manats", "4G WiFi and 3G-modem-2017 from Azercell", " 4G WiFi-router, 3G mobile WiFi-router and 3G-modem-2017", conducted by Azercell Telecom LLC, Azercell said in a message June 23.
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