Armenian Aggression

Armenians hold protest, prepare for uprising

Armenia, a poor South Caucasus country, faces a number of problems today, which include unemployment, corruption, poverty, inflation, weak economy, low foreign investment, falling exports and many others. In this context, the Armenians, who are already tired of the Armenian government’s failures, periodically conduct protests in various cities of the country.
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Dozens of Armenians die in country's army – statistics

Armenia yet is face to face with a serious problem which is the outflow of the country’s population abroad. A considerable part of these people are Armenian teenager boys, and the reason for their flee is the Armenian army. Their parents are well aware of the terrible situation in the country’s armed forces – therefore, they try to find any opportunity to keep their sons far from that horror.
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Armenian Monkey Business

Environmental crimes are defined as illegal acts directly harming the environment, including, but not limited to, the illegal wildlife trade, smuggling of ozone depleting substances, dumping and illicit trade in hazardous waste, illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing, and illegal logging.
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