Japanese version of Irs magazine published

The first edition of the Japanese language version of Irs (Heritage) magazine has been published with the support of Azerbaijani Embassy in Japan and editorial staff of the Irs-Heritage magazine.

The aim of the magazine is to brief the Japanese people on Azerbaijan`s rich historical and cultural heritage, art, literature, cuisine and tourism.

The introduction, written by the first ambassador of Japan to Azerbaijan Tetsuye Khirofe, is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Azerbaijani-Japanese diplomatic relations. The ambassador also touched on recollections about Azerbaijan`s late national leader, former President Heydar Aliyev.

The edition includes articles on People`s Republic of Azerbaijan, State Flag, 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan`s independence from the Soviet Union, architecture of the Middle Ages, and cuisine. The article entitled ``Karabakh - soul of Azerbaijan`` acquaints Japanese readers with Karabakh, the ancient Azerbaijani land, which is currently under Armenian occupation.

The presentation ceremony of the magazine will take place in Hotel Okura Tokyo on July 3.